Hatiku dipeejaK..aku cube bangun!




 It’s time 2 pack up my things n back 2 KL…

a place utk cari makan @ rZki..

walaupun x suke L ~ 2 breath, 2 survive 4 another day like a year lamenye..

I luv my hometown so very much..

Can I say Kuantan is a kota suci, permai n baek..

anyone pliZ agree dis..

Back 2 the time when I made up my mind wif a silly decision 2 gerak kaki ke KL ( kunun2 kat KL pasaran keje byk) (padahal mase kat U aku punyele tanak habis keje kat KL)…

of course my dad (En. ABAH) reluctant 2 release me to KL..

I was crying all the way 2 bus station..

I understand why he was so berat hati..

2 release her daughter 2 a big city, stay wif a fren n no job yet.

 Hmmm dunno whut will happen there..

I can look through his eyes, that he was sedih sangat..

how could I left my dad b’coz of #@!^##..

Whuteve…. Even rite now I have a career but still I need my family 2 stay close 2 me.

It seems like ‘flower wif no honey’.

I wanted to go back to my hometown.

I can’t stand 2 face the multi-expressions created by other people.

Should I understand their feelings but they can’t even respect n understand whut I feel..

Sometimes I want 2 runaway n myb if I could turn back time. I’ll do it..

I want 2 start my life over again n will not make dat stupid decision again..

Yeah.. making mistake help us 2 b successful person after we had learnt from the mistake..

but too many mistakes made, I knew it is wrong somewhere. huhu..

The worst I’ve done the same mistake over n over again.

Allah S.W.T gives me a chance 2 breath n 2 open wide my eyes n realize dat I need 2 change..

 Often I forget dat “life is too short” somewhere, sometime, somehow we’ll not b able 2 c dis world n during dat time it’s already late.. too late..

I’m just saying dat don’t too focus 2 hal duniawi but in other hand hal2 akhirat as a muslim n muslimah ( dis words dedicated to me myself)

As a human being, we r not perfect, n sometime cepat lalai. It’s me..

 I had tried 2 change even now I’m trying.

But I’m not strong enough.. miss my family too much especially Abah. 











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